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We grow berries in the utmost respect for nature, using strictly chemical-free products, with the aim of preserving the environment and especially the health of the consumer.

Taste of Nature

Bio Forest Food – Brochure 2020

Bio Forest Food – Brochure 2020

Bio Forest Food – Certificate 2019/2020

Bio Forest Food

Bio Forest Food is nestled in the lush greenery of a natural park, located at 500 mt. above sea level, which covers an area of ​​about 140 hectares. Time seems to stand still in this oasis of peace and tranquility, where nature produces its fruit away from any source of pollution.
The cultivation methods are based on environmentally friendly agronomic techniques, which do not involve the use of chemical products. All production phases are controlled and certified by authorized certification bodies. The selection of fruits takes place in a special dedicated packaging center, subject to the same strict process standards guaranteed.

Bio Forest Food is currently the largest crop of berries from organic farming in Europe.





Our technicians, experts and agronomists true lovers of nature, have carefully selected species of berries according to their resistance and adaptability to the territory in which we find ourselves, perhaps at the expense of yields, but no doubt for the benefit of quality and environmental biodiversity.

In our laboratories we treat the fruit with the utmost care and in strict compliance with the manufacturing standards imposed by the certification. In this way, the label that apponiamo on each pack, for the consumer, “certification” of sound, healthy and superior quality.

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